What’s Within Walking Distance Of Our Shelton Properties

Moving to another city can be overwhelming in many ways. Although being away from your friends and family can be tough, not knowing where to go to meet new people or to take your mind off of the stress of uni work can be worse.

All of our student accommodation in Shelton are based within walking distance of the university campus to allow for a great work-study lifestyle. However, our student houses are also within walking distance to many bars, cafes, activities, and more.

We’ve calculated an estimated time of how long it’ll take you to get to each destination so you know exactly how far you’ll be walking.

Staffordshire University Campus – 3-minute walk (230 yards)

You’ll be able to find some of the best food and activities on your university campus from pop-up events to those held by groups and societies. We’d recommend throwing yourself into all that your Uni has to offer as your three years spent there will fly by. These activities will also be a great place to meet and mingle with new people with similar interests.

Staffordshire University Stoke Film Theatre – 4 minutes walk (290 yards)

If you are a film enthusiast, you’ll be spending most of your time at the Universities Film Theatre. Showing only the best new, indie and foreign films produced by established and up-and-coming directors alike. The best part? No ads or trailers before your film! Your popcorn should last longer than the first 5-minutes now.

Train Station – 6-minutes walk (0.3 miles)

Travelling by train is a great way to get around in an environmentally friendly manner. There are loads of places in and out of Staffordshire to explore via Stoke station so no need to bring your car.

Now I know what you are thinking – a train station isn’t exactly a place of interest. However, Stoke station has great links to other major cities in the UK, so whether you want a shopping day in the capital or just visit home for the weekend you’re covered.

Based at Stoke Station is a small bus station with regular buses going to Alton Towers, which is perfect for any thrill-seekers. Vouchers (such as 2 for 1) can be found on student essentials such as hand soap and Dairy Milk share bags, which makes the trip more affordable for those on a budget. It is one of Staffordshire’s biggest attractions, and with a bus practically leaving from your front door there is no reason to miss out on the trip.

Hanley Park – 9 minutes walk (0.4 miles)

Perfect for picnics in summer or your daily run, Hanley Park is one of the most beautiful places in Shelton. Take a break from the hectic lifestyle that usually accompanies university and explore the different areas of the park. There are fabulous flower displays, water features, and plenty of benches you can take a break on. It is situated right next to Staffordshire University’s campus so is the perfect place to have your lunch break and meet with friends after a lecture.

Emma Bridgewater 19 minute walk (0.9 miles)

If any of you know the history of Stoke then you’ll know pottery was and still is a big part of the cities culture. Emma Bridgewater’s factory shop is based just 0.9 miles away from your student homes and offers a great range of factory-priced item which would make great gifts for yourself or someone special.

Emma Bridgewater also offers factory tours and a chance to paint your own pottery, which makes a great day out if you need some time away from electronics. For an extra treat, why not book a slot for their breakfast or afternoon tea.

Fenton Manor Sports Complex – 24 minutes walk (1.1 miles)

If you want to add some more activities to your schedule, Fenton Manor Sports Complex is just a 24-minute walk away from your student home. Great for those wanting to get into a fitness regime or looking to meet some new people with similar interests. There’s everything you could possibly need, such as netball courts, football pitches, fitness classes, swimming pools, and more.

Hanley Bus Station – 27 minutes walk (1.2 miles)

A 30-minute walk to the bus station sounds worse than it actually is, and once you’re there you can get practically anywhere in the Stoke-On-Trent area including Newcastle-Under-Lyme and Staffordshire Moorlands.

From here you can get on the 18 to Leek and enjoy the quaint market town or the 108 to Trentham, where you can hang out with monkeys at Trentham Monkey Forest before picking up a coffee and some new plants for your uni room in Trentham Garden Centre.

Potteries Shopping Centre – 34 minutes walk (1.5 miles)

If you don’t fancy the 30-minute walk to the city centre then there will be a bus you can hop on and off to get there. However, on a sunny day, a nice walk to the city centre to do some shopping at the Potteries Centre and brunch in one of Stokes independent cafes is a great stress reliever. Knowing a good route there and back could also save you the expense of a taxi after a night out too! 

The Hive offers tons of big-name restaurants such as Nandos and Chiquitos, but if you really want the Stoke experience I’d recommend taking a trip down Piccadilly Street. Some of Stokes best independent restaurants and cafes can be found down here such as Klay Pizzeria, The Slamwich Club, and The Quarter to name a few.

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