What You Do And Don’t Need To Bring To Uni

After your first year at University, you tend to realize that you brought a lot of things with you that you didn’t need, or the more obvious, what you didn’t bring.

Most people will learn that you don’t need to bring everything with you, whilst others will keep making the same mistakes year in and year out. Don’t be that person. You know, the one who brings an iron for it to sit in a cupboard unused until it comes to move-out day. Don’t be them.

We’ve compiled this list of the things you should be bringing to uni and the things that can stay at home – or the shop!

Do – Bring Your Stationary

An essential for university, yet always seems to be left out of the checklist. Stationary. Now don’t get me wrong, you can definitely go overboard on stationary. We’ve all been there, a folder for each unit, a million polly pockets ready to be filled with print-offs and notes – but alas, never to be used.

However, don’t forget the essentials. I have known a few people turn up to lectures without a pen. A pack of pens, a notepad, and a highlighter should be enough for most. If your a stationary enthusiast your list may be a bit longer, but as long as you have the essentials for your first week you should be okay.

After all, your moving to a new city not the middle of nowhere, if you forget anything the uni shop or WHSmiths is only a short distance away.

Don’t – Buy Your Food Shop Before You Get There

Fitting all of your belongings into a car and having room for you and your parents can be tricky, to say the least. What you don’t want to do is make it harder. Leave the food shop after you’ve moved in.

By all means, take some snacks for the journey and tea bags and milk for when you first arrive but squeezing yourself in between your frozen food and cupboard items is rather unnecessary.

Doing your food shopping once you’ve got there not only saves yourself a room in the car but also allows you to get better acquainted with your new surroundings.

Do – Bring Your Speaker

Whether your hosting pre’s or need some calm music whilst you’re studying, you’d be surprised at how often you reach for your speaker whilst at uni.

Most situations are okay with headphones or playing from your phone, but you’re sure to notice the difference a speaker can make.

If no one else in the house has one you are sure to get preferential treatment, everyone will be wanting to share with you for speaker privileges!

Don’t – Bring Your Whole Wardrobe

We know it may be tempting, but taking all of your clothes to uni is highly impractical. You are guaranteed to have less space than your own bedroom, and storage needs to be prioritized to avoid tripping over boxes for a year.

Summer clothes won’t be needed in your first term, so leave these at home till the warmer months come around. When you go home for the holidays you can easily switch over certain items that you haven’t been wearing for something you’ll be more likely to wear.

Not to mention, with your student loan in your bank account you are sure to buy a new wardrobe whilst as uni.

The best option is to take versatile items that you can mix and match with other items, as well as taking a few options for different situations – think interviews, clubbing, duvet days, etc.

Do – Bring Bedding And Bedroom Decorations

A new city, house, and housemates can easily make you feel homesick and pining for your home comforts. An easy way to make your uni accommodation feel more homely is to decorate it with photographs, fairy lights, and bright colors – it’s not rare for uni homes to be lacking in color or worse, covered in primary colors.

You can disguise this by plastering your wall with photos of you and your friends, and cool prints from charity shops or the fresher’s fair. Bedding with soft cushions and fluffy blankets will also help a LOT more than you realize when you come home after a long day and need to relax.

Don’t – Buy All Of Your Cooking Equipment

Not to say you shouldn’t buy some kitchen items before you arrive at uni, but some things you just don’t need more than one of in a single house. Oven gloves, cheese grater, and in some cases even pots and pans are all things that could be bought as a collective rather than everyone bringing their own.

Cupboard space is limited in most uni kitchens so sharing certain items will help save money and space. Other kitchen items such as kettles and toasters may be included in your student home, but you may have to supply these yourself. Once again, 4 kettles can be a little overkill, so split the cost and buy as a collective.

Do – Bring An Extension Lead

When I tell you plug sockets in useful places is a rarity, I mean it. Not to mention the complete lack of plugs in many cases. An extension lead, in my opinion, is essential for all homes. I’m sure you will share this opinion after a week at university.

Unplugging and replugging in your phone charger, laptop charger, hair tools, and other electrical’s can get rather annoying. Invest in a lead with at a minimum of 4 sockets, and trust me, you won’t regret it.

Don’t – Bring Candles

Almost all student homes will have a strict no candle policy – yes, even privately rented ones. There’s something about students and flames that just don’t mix well.

Save the effort of lugging your candles over to your new uni home and opt for diffusers or air fresheners instead. Sure, they don’t have the same ambiance and relaxing flicker as candles, but they’ll ensure your room always smells fresh.

Do – A USB/Hard drive

If you take any advice from this list, please buy a USB or hard drive to back up your assignments – I’m begging you. I know too many people who have had to restart their assignments the night before the due date because of technical problems.

Having your assignment backed up on a USB will also mean you can easily work on it at home and at uni. Whether you have a spare half an hour in between lectures or feel like staying behind yet haven’t taken your laptop with you, plug in your USB and carry on where you left off.

Don’t – An Iron

Now, I’m going to strictly advise you not to listen to your mum for this one. You do NOT need an iron at university. You won’t use it, and if you need one I can promise someone else will either have one or offer up their hair straighteners as a solution.

Unless you’re at a university that requires you to wear a suit to every lecture (yes, they do exist) then an iron is completely unnecessary. 

If you’re a returning student, these points should resonate with you and feel all but too familiar. For any freshers, this will have been what I can only describe as an eye-opening experience – you have a lot to learn.

However, at least now you know what you should and shouldn’t be bringing to uni. This isn’t an extensive list of course, but more of things you have forgotten or should probably take out of your suitcase.

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