Student Accommodation
in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Perfect for students at Keele University and
University Hospitals of North Midlands.

Top-of-the-Line Student Housing

We have a variety of fully-furnished student properties available to let in Newcastle-under-Lyme. We take pride in providing student accommodation that is affordable and includes modern features in safe, clean surroundings. All of our properties come with all bills included as part of the lease. With all this, our student housing creates a comfortable, low stress environment that is a pleasure to live in.

Arrange a viewing today to secure your place.

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Your Accommodation

Located in Newcastle-under-Lyme, our student properties are ideal examples of affordable luxury student housing. When you let with us, your property will include:

  • A clean, modern room with plenty of space.
  • A comfortable communal living room and dining area.
  • A shared kitchen and bathroom with modern furnishings.
  • A secure, home with its own house alarm.

All Houses Include

Broadband up to 200mb & 230+ TV Channels

Provided by Virgin Media, our student houses receive speeds up to 152MB to ensure you always have a strong, stable connection to satisfy all your online needs.

All inclusive prices from as little as £80 per week

Our leases are all-inclusive. This means all of your bills – your TV licence included – are paid for by the lease. Our leases run for 52 weeks and include a 10 week half-price period over the summer.

Flat Screen TVs with TV licence included

All our student properties have a shared living room with its own flat screen TV that receives over 230 television channels.

Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer & Combi Boiler as standard

You will also enjoy all the amenities needed to stay clean and warm, with fast response times should any problems arise.

How do we arrange a viewing?

Contact us to arrange a time when everyone in your group is available. We will arrange a group viewing to show you around our properties with the required number of bedrooms.

Once we have seen a house we like, how do we secure it for ourselves?

Contact us with your names and contact details to arrange to receive your lease contracts. We will hold the house for you for ten days so that you have time to return your leases and guarantor forms.

When must the rent be paid?

A summer reservation fee equal to ten weeks of half-price rent is payable at the start of the contract. The rest of the year is divided into three periods. We are happy to arrange payment to coincide with student loans.

Can I stay in the house during the summer period?

Yes. You can move your belongings into the house and live there for the summer period at no extra cost. Please keep in mind that our cleaners and decorators may need to work on the property during this period.

What bills are included in the rent?

All gas, electricity, water, broadband, cable TV and TV licence bills are included.

What do we do if anything in the house needs fixing?

Should anything need fixing, contact us as soon as possible to arrange repairs. We aim to rectify all issues within 24 hours.

Who is responsible for keeping the house clean?

You are responsible for keeping the house clean during your stay. Additionally, each of our properties is professionally cleaned during the summer period.

Can we keep pets in the house?

Yes, to reasonable extents. You must obtain consent from us and from all of your housemates. If you wish to move in with a pet, we advise that you get in touch.

Are we allowed to smoke in the house?

No. Smoking is not permitted in any of our houses.

Can we put pictures on the walls?

Yes. You can stick pictures and posters up using blu-tack - but not sellotape. We are happy to put picture hooks up for you.