A Day In The Life Of A University Student


It takes my eyes a few seconds to adjust to the morning light coming in through the gaps in the curtain. I made sure that I took time to recover from my hangover all of yesterday, to be able to wake up and make it to my 9 am lecture. Not that getting up before 9 am will ever feel easy. 

I always take a few minutes to scroll through social media before getting showered and dressed. I also make sure I check who’s going to the 9 am lecture in the group chat – as much as I value my education, I’m not risking being the only one there. Luckily, most of my friends have the same mindset as me and we arrange a place to meet before the lecture. 


I spent way too much time on my phone this morning, so skip having breakfast at home and prioritise getting to campus on time. It’s only a 5-minute walk to campus, so I will have time to get some breakfast there. After all, a bacon bap and coffee from Starbucks is much more appealing than a bowl of cornflakes right now.


After grabbing breakfast, I meet my friends outside the lecture theatre and head inside to get the best seats. Not too far back that I can’t hear the lecturer, but not too far forward that I can hear the lecturer breathe. Like goldilocks, the middle is just right. I prefer to write my notes in a notepad and highlight the important information, so I make sure I have all of this ready before the lecture starts.


I have an hour break before my seminar today, so my friends and I grab another hot drink and catch up. Our spot today is the campus cafe, however when the weather’s good it’s nice to sit outside and catch some sun or take a walk around the nearby park.


The seminar today is discussing the reading which was set last week. I made sure I did it straight away so I didn’t forget, but now I’ve completely forgotten the text. I quickly flick through my notes before the lecturer directs a question my way.


I head to the library to get a chunk of my essay done, it’s not due for a couple of weeks but I find doing little and often works best for me. I aim to stay and work for 2 hours before I go home and get some lunch. Realistically, I’ll get bored after half an hour and head home early, but it’s the thought that counts!


As expected, I found myself on my phone more than I was actually working, so called it a day earlier than I had intended. I use this time to up my step count and walk the long way home through the nearby park.


For lunch I make myself and my housemate and cheese and tomato panini. Just call me Gordon Ramsey.

It’s their day-off today and they waste no time in bragging about their chilled-out morning, whilst we catch up on the new series we’ve started. However, part of me is glad I had an early morning today – it gave me the chance to catch up on some work and be productive with my time.


After dedicating the majority of my afternoon to Netflix and Twitter, I’m glad to have plans this evening that get me out of the house. My friends from the tennis society have planned a meal out, of course, Nando’s is the most popular choice.

It’s good to limit the amount of money you spend on meals out and takeaways, however, I won’t be the person to miss out just because I got dominoes the other night. It’s all part and parcel of being a student right?

I get ready before heading to the bus stop. By the time I get there, a few of my friends have already gathered, waiting to get the bus. Living in a part of town which has a big student population makes meeting up with people easier than ever – even if you don’t plan it. Although an unplanned meet, I’m glad I’ve seen them at this point to avoid the bus ride alone as well as the awkward trying-to-find-your-friends-in-a-restaurant-alone scenario.


Before heading home, we play a round of mini-golf and grabbed some drinks at the bar. A few pina Coladas in and I’m ready to head home to get an early night, after all, I have another early start tomorrow.

It’s always hard to leave early, but luckily some of my friends found themselves in a similar situation to me so we headed home together.


I spend the late evening with my whole house, watching late-night TV with a mug of hot chocolate and a bowl of popcorn.

I know I said I wanted an early night, but that counts as any time before 1 am right?


Later than anticipated, I decided to hit the hay. At this point, I was completely exhausted. It’s not easy juggling uni assignments and a social life!

I like to feel as though I have a good work/life balance and today was a good example of that – even though my library session didn’t go as planned.

Tomorrow’s another day and I can get the work done then – that’s what I tell myself anyway!

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